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did i ever tell the story of how i fell in love with novillero? it was completely by accident- i really liked the paperbacks and they were opening for novillero's release of "aim right for the holes in their lives" at the west end, and i went and i remember telling daron "we'll go and if novillero isn't great we'll leave early." if i remember correctly, they played through their album and by the time 'let's pull over here' ended, i was in love. and then came the encore and covers, and i fell even harder.

(ps, that was my first show ever at the west end. looking back, deciding to go to that show is one of those life-changing points in my history. i'm not saying that novillero changed my life or anything, but it's interesting looking back and seeing what decisions made your life more fun and interesting.)

that ended up being the summer that i went to every local show of theirs i could. i'm sure i was super annoying for my friends, but they indulged me and i know they had a pretty good time too. i think that might have also been the spring/summer when i spent time doing fieldwork up in thompson, and i listened to that album constantly because i felt so lost and homesick most of the time- that's also why i have a hard time being objective about them at times (i know) because so much of my feelings about the band and their music is mixed up in that mid-twenties feeling of trying to figure all of my shit out.

and then their last album came out and they did a few shows after that, and then... nothing. four years of nothing. and then hilary sent me a message that was basically "!!! NOVILLERO IS PLAYING YOU NEED TO GO FOR US!!!" and i got so excited that i started vibrating while still at work after teaching a class and basically i binged on their music and all of that amazing 2004-2010 winnipeg indie-pop scene that was just so amazing and probably annoying everybody around me and i'm so sorry for that, but. NOVILLERO.

and i went to the show with my friend and co-worker sam and her fiance kevin, who i found out was at some of the same shows as me and had some of the same memories of shows that i did. i danced and laughed and fell in love all over again and even if they don't play another show (even though it kind of sounded like they wanted to?) i at least have some more closure on it all than when they just stopped four years ago.
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i said i would update

So. An update from the last time: I have a laptop. I've had it for a while, but I couldn't bring myself to update.

Collapse )Dad took me to get her when I was 13, and then he passed away the next year. She was with me most of my life, and kept me going when I went through some really dark days.

Mom retired in November. It's been an adjustment, but she's loving it. She's on Vancouver Island right now, for the month, which leads me to...

I adopted a new cat the day after my mom left (3 days ago). Her name is Norah, she's a siamese/tabby mix, four years old. We're still adjusting.

It's all adjusting, really.
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briefest of updates

- still no laptop or desktop. I've mainly just been keeping up a presence on twitter/Instagram/Ravelry because typing longer bits is just too much work.
-I'm fine, my mom is fine, the cat is not. She is now mostly blind along with being deaf. And arthritic. And having thyroid issues. She's 18, so it's not unexpected, just difficult.
-I'm into a groove with running again knitting and spinning continues. I'm dabbling with watercolour pencils.
-I want to eventually start quilting/sewing, but that waits until I can set up my workspace, involving a new desk from ikea, and making sure the sewing machine actually works.
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I don't want to talk about (the lack of the) NHL

So, a customer at work mentioned it and I realized "oh yeah! I should update my journal." Note: that was on Monday. There's a bit of a lag when it comes to typing out more than a tweet or a comment.

My laptop is still dead, and I haven't really done anything to get it fixed yet, mainly because I just feel betrayed and and want to ignore my own part in its death. Also, I finally caved and got an iPod touch, which makes it easier for me to keep up on email, Facebook and Twitter, but not o. LJ.

I've been teaching and spinning and knitting. I've also recently started wet felting scarves. It's odd, I love the structure of fair isle and Aran patterns, but I love the free form feel and look of the scarves I've done.

My cat Grimm is, well. She's 17, and she's starting to feel it. I'm getting more and more worried about her, but trying to stay rational. We may need to switch up her food again- we need to be careful of her kidneys, but she keeps losing weight and we need to make sure she isn't slowly starving.

It's a lot harder to keep up with running now that I'm on the treadmill. I did finish the Couch to 5k program, but soon after I got a chest cold and as soon as I got over that it snowed and blah, blah, blah. Excuses. My reward for finishing the program was the iPod, mainly so I could play Zombies, Run! which is awesome. I need to pick up some skates so I can get more exercise in during the winter, and more sun when I can.

I feel strangely on top of things for the holidays. We'll see how long this lasts.
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so today was my first day running after noon, and it didn't go so well. not necessarily because of the time- i woke up, it was cold and i was crampy. i waited, waited, waited to go for my run and it never really warmed up so i wore long yoga pants and a light running jacket over my t-shirt. i then, of course, overheated while running.

i overheated while running partly because of my clothes, and partly because it wasn't that cold if you're actually in the sun, moving your body. i also over heated because my pace was actually pretty fast (for me) and i couldn't slow it down for reasons i don't understand. i'm glad to know that i actually can move at the faster pace, just... that's not exactly what i'm going for here. and then my mp3 player magically shut itself off after my halfway point and while i tried to keep motivated and keep going, i couldn't. walked home down avalon, got in the house to stretch and curled up into a ball.

and then for a few hours after that felt physically and emotionally shitty BECAUSE I'M AN IDIOT WHO DIDN'T EAT AN APPLE OR SOMETHING WHEN I GOT IN THE HOUSE. i'm feeling so much better now, but still like an idiot who doesn't know how to take care of her body after 30 years.

basically, i'm sticking to running in the morning when i can. i know how to take care of myself then. screw this afternoon business.

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So according to the doctor, I am healthy. I'm skeptical, but rolling with it for another year or until anything else comes up.

Running has been going well, but I'm finding that trails or paved pathways work a lot better for me than sidewalks that are always uneven. I'm up to week 3, even if my jogging is none too fast.

Also, I am very close to finishing this pair of Fiddlehead mittens. I did the first mitten and knit the lining using the same needle as for the outer mitten, and it's too big. On the second linign I've dropped down 2 sizes, and it's working fantastically. I don't really want to, but I'm going to rip out the first lining and reknit it with the new needle.

I do think that mittens may be the go-to gift for the holidays this year. I just have a few projects that need to get done and a sweater starting in October, and then I can get started on gift knitting.

Mark Scheifele was a beast in that final Canada-Russia game, and I enjoyed Lukas Sutter throughout the tournament. And on Twitter before, during, and after the tourney. At least if the NHL doesn't start on time, we'll probably see more junior hockey this year.
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The Olympics and my anxiety about the doctor has inspired me. I'm going to try this Couch to 5K thing. I realize that I may need to repeat some weeks, but if things go according to plan I could actually get to 5k/30 minutes around my birthday and that seems like something pretty cool. And if not... well. I guess it doesn't hurt to try (unless I actually end up getting hurt. Which I hope not.)

Has anybody else tried/done it? Any tips/suggestions/words of encouragement?

(and yes. i saw the doctor last week, and have a physical scheduled for next week now.)
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So, I bought a spinning wheel. It's an unfinished Ashford Traditional single drive, single treadle.

I haven't actually spun on it yet, since it's unfinished. I did some research and went out and bought supplies: wood conditioner, stain and polyurathane, sanding pads, nitrile gloves and foam brushes.

Collapse )

So yeah, that's what I've been up to lately. The Tour de Fleece starts Sunday, but I won't be ready to go by then.


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Lazy day in our house. Mom took the day off, her sister is upstairs sleep and her brother is sleeping on the couch. I'm still in my pajamas. My other aunt is in the hospital, recovering from her mastectomy this morning.

It's been a trying few weeks, I need to be honest. And I no longer have the playoffs to distract me. I do, however, have an off-season of signings, the draft, training and trades to look forward to. That's always fun. :) Even better, there are babies and weddings to look forward to as well.

Now, if I could just make myself shower and get dressed. :/ waking up early always messes with me.
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Ilya Bearzgalov. It's a pun, you see.

I'm terrible about updates, because I feel like not much has really been happening in my life, which isn't true. There's just not much I think is really interesting to other people, or it's stuff that's happening to other people. I visited _jibberish_Tuesday and saw the babybabybaby. I talked to coleman_genieyesterday about big important things, visited with liketheroadand halflinenand then had plenty of important family time last night and today.

I'm actually glad to have a night of hockey and knitting to recover. #introvert4lyfe

Speaking of knitting, I'm working on Vera, the most adorable stuffed bear ever. The pattern is really well detailed, enough to cover all of the direction changes, but not finicky simply for the sake of being difficult. I have already named him Ilya, but I'm pretty damn sure it's not getting done by tomorrow. :(